Dutch Delta Sounds celebrates the tenth anniversary of World Music Forum NL. It showcases a contemporary blend of adventurous music from all parts of the globe, that have taken root on Dutch soil.


1 delta, 180 nationalities

The Netherlands arose among a river delta, where various musical cultures met and merged into new musical forms analogous to the one in Mississippi. From the outset of the 20th century tango, jazz, gypsy and Hawaiian music flowed into our country. After World War II Indo-rock partly laid the basis for the sixties Dutch rock (nederbeat), before Anglo-American rock and pop came to dominate. Meanwhile, all sorts of hybrids formed thanks to musicians who came to live in the Netherlands for political, economic and other reasons. Our major cities are now home to some 180 nationalities. To this day, the mix of Asian, Balkan, Caribbean, Latin and Mediterranean influences have led to a country with multiple streams of glittering music. To a flourishing musical scene accommodating other branches of the river, overlooked by the mainstream.




Dutch Delta Sounds is organised by World Music Forum NL in cooperation with Dutch Performing Arts / Performing Arts Fund and the support of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, Bimhuis, Buma Cultuur, MixedWorldMusic.ComĀ  Paradiso, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Ritmundo, Ticket to the Tropics, Sena.

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